Earning a Lazy Sunday

    Some days you try to do it all at once, and it looks like this (Zade napping on my lap while I try to grade) at the end of it.

    zade on lap while I grade papers

    And some days you miraculously do a whole bunch at once, and it feels pretty memorable.

    We’ve had some fun over the last two weekends. Between having family in town and Georgia’s sunny –in-the-70s weather, we’ve been busy. Roswell Cultural Arts Center’s production of Beauty and the Beast last week made a great mommy-daughter date, and the show was entertaining and perfect for both mom and daughter.

    Layla and Mommy before B and B

    I asked Layla to take her hat off before the production started, and I let the subject go when she refused to do so; I was happy that her tiny stubborn act got her some attention as “Beauty” in the play opened up the show saying “Hi sweetheart, I love your hat!” in front of the audience, which left Layla filled to the brim. She looked over at me excitedly and said, “Hey Mommy, did you hear that?”


    Layla watching b and b

    We left the play, picked up the rest of the family, and went to the 9th annual Arab Festival. Kids played intensely on anywhere they could bounce and slide, and then they painted pottery and ate sweets. Alif Institute impressed many visitors and got us mentally signed up to attend the event next year.


    We attended a family dinner after the festival. By the time we got home and got the kids to bed, I had to make pasta salad for a last-minute picnic at Anna Ruby Falls with the kids’ friends from school and their parents. Got to bed at 1 am; woke up early to get the crew ready for the picnic.

    It was well worth it. Kids played in the river, went on wagon rides, climbed up to the top so they could see the Falls, and played with their friends the whole day. We even chilled a watermelon in the river–old-school style. A stop through Dairy Queen at the end of our Helen experience sweetened the long and sleepy drive home.

    Kids in Helen

    You’d think we’d be exhausted. I defied my own rule to keep it slow the day after we kept a fast pace (if Saturday is fast, Sunday is slow), but this acceleration felt like a fantastic way to seize the warm weekend by its rays.

    So, fast forward to this weekend. Saturday echoed the same 3-tier day with one activity following another as the previous weekend did, but today the train has stopped. My phone is tucked away. The patio door is ajar to let in some breeze. Kids are playing with colored rocks on the patio, spraying water on the plants, popping popcorn back to back, and coloring in their books (all this = making a meaningful mess); this has mixed well with mommy grading in spurts and warming up leftovers in her pajamas. All of us are appreciating the sunny day, but we’re doing so from the inside of the house this time.

    Zade on sleepy day

    Outside of laughing at the kids’ funny conversations and lazily folding laundry, I am looking forward to a new episode of Mad Men tonight. I think we’ve earned a special day of nothing too special.


One thought on “Earning a Lazy Sunday

  1. I feel like such a fool complaining to you about working a six-day work week for the past three weeks when you’ve been going 24/7 and still smiling like you just left the beach in Miami. I need to know your inner beauty secrets.


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