Who knew?

Screen shot of June lists

I recently went through the test of patience called “trying to transfer information from an old phone to a new phone.” I knew preserving information from My Contacts and My Calendar was very important, but I found out that the Notes app housed many casually-written memories with which I really couldn’t part.

But before I knew that iPhone had me backed up somewhere, I started reading through my incredibly casual quick-notes to see which one I should really try to preserve. Quickly, my determination got complicated.

A simple grocery list sparked the memory of the baby shower I helped throw for my friend last year, for example, and I surely couldn’t toss that away. And then I found a list of questions I wrote before going to Zade’s doctor appointment, and I felt a pinch of relief that I know a bit more about ear infections now.

As summer can be a perfect time for some reflection, here are a few pictures of random notes that I found while on my phone-merging escapade.

grocery list

See that last word? Robe? No, I didn’t need a bathrobe. This is where my Farsi and English brain try to be friendly with each other. The word “robe” in Farsi means tomato paste. I had to laugh when I read that I actually wrote that down phonetically. This happens often in my life. I can’t help but add a dash of Farsi when I speak English or a swoosh of English when I speak Farsi.

I found an occasional dramatic rambling as well:

Dramatic text

Can you tell that I must have been frustrated after waiting for 893 pictures to copy from my phone to my external hard drive? Why do I have 19 pictures from the same angle of the same image?

Then, I got a kick out of decoding my grocery lists:

I love this recipe notes

I adore Pioneer Woman. I’ve never made anything from her book of secrets that I haven’t loved. I must have been craving her famous artichoke dip when I wrote the list above. I’m trying this one out over the weekend for my gluten-free best friend.

Here I am right before winter break is over. I stress out every year about finishing our familoy calendar on Shutterfly and re-reading novels I’m about to teach again. Oh, and don’t forget wanting to buy post-holiday work pants from one of my shopping-therapy stores.

About to start back after maternity leave text

These notes have also reminded me of what patterns I had even just over a year ago. For example, I used to make black beans and rice at least once a week, but I haven’t made that once this summer. Also, I think the last 5 years of babies and toddlers has affected our sweet potato intake as there was a time we’d never been without them, and now they don’t even make it on our grocery list. Need to add that goodie back on there!

Oh, we used to eat that list

If you’re a casual note-taker like I am, I encourage you to make a cup of tea and scroll through your phone’s notes; it’s the most no-fuss walk down memory lane that you’ve probably ever experienced.

2 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. I’ve gone through this more than once! Calendar notes, yes. Also text messages. But most of all at the end of every semester ( I’m a student =D ) when I take a look at the notes I took during the classes. There’s a story on every page! I’ve ended up preserving them all notebooks for years =DD


  2. It’s funny you should mention your student notes. I couldn’t part with any of my graduate school notes (and some undergrad); partly because I feel I’ll forget everything without them, and partly because they remind me of such a different period of my life. I love that you’ve preserved them as well! I agree with you; there is a story on every page. 🙂


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