Happy Mother’s Day!

Nothing is ever perfect, but how we look back on it can move us to the core. I will focus today on Layla’s sense of ownership of my level of happiness–do you like the gifts I made you? Wait, let’s all surprise mama at one time. Can I have a gift bag to pit your stuff in? Zade, don’t jump on Mama; it is Mother’s Day. Mommy, do you like your breakfast?

Just a short time ago, she would confuse time, not knowing if yesterday was a week ago or just 12 hours ago. But this morning she woke up keenly aware of the occasion and embraced it , reminding me of my childhood time.

Zade has been loving all morning, but he is always so romantic, never letting an hour go by without telling me he loves me. I want to bottle all of it up for when he’s too cool to be expressive like that.

The most amusing line on one of the stories Layla made for me at school was that she loves me so much she can never leave me.

Feels just like what I would have said to my mom before I faced that leaving is inevitable.

Makes me think of Mama Mia and that moving scene that puddles me every. time. http://youtu.be/Zi7OXmTmgGg. Before I had Layla, this scene meant very little. Now I can’t even see it without crying my eyes out.

And when I sent my mom this sentiment this morning, she said “I remember good old Mother’s Days with your creations for me, and I am sure you remember those days. Now your turn to get the taste of it.”

Mother’s Days are nostalgic for me and make me keenly aware of both and old new memories. To borrow words from my friend Katie, it’s a day that reminds of me of how “the next generation steps to bat.”

I hope all of you have a good mingling today, molding new memories while remembering past ones.



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