It’s official. Our cars have a blanket of yellow dust on them by the time we leave work. We don’t know if we have a cold or if it’s just allergies. But we can’t stay inside even if we know we will pay for it later–Georgia allergies are intense. But, man, Georgia is gorgeous in the springtime. 

Despite the sniffly consequences, we have set into a new routine here. As soon as we’re all home, the kids are outside. Layla and Zade found some old bricks and have been making mud castles and forts. My kitchen utensils keep going missing; I found my soup ladle in an old strawberry patch bucket filled with their mud-water concoction last week. I want to pinch myself when I open the side door and say, “Kids, it’s time to come in! Dinner is ready!” They resist and act like I’m about torture them. Feels like a scene from a movie I’d watch as a kid as they take off their soaked, muddy clothes at the entryway and run straight to the shower (getting a few smeary, muddy handprints on the walls on the way). 

We’re settling in here and finding our new spring routine. Feels like the birds are nesting up, too. We have found three new nests in the last few weeks. It’s a marvel at how fast the outside is working. 

 As I sat on the steps and watched the kids play yesterday, I saw a tiny ant carry a sprig of straw three times its size. He was so busy at work, carrying it from one side of the sidewalk to the other. We’re definitely not alone in our rush. 

Seems like we’re all trying to get something done and get to the next all the time, but there is such rejuvenation in new seasons. In the spring, a familiar restlessness cloaks over the early evenings and long car rides. It’s got me buying new books and watching reruns of True Blood Season 1, the season before kids, the season of being the center of my own attention. 

The daylight savings has messed with our bedtime routine, but it’s given us more time together and lots of swirly, sherbert sunsets, so I’m not exactly complaining just yet. Layla grabbed my phone and took this picture last week and said, “you will love these later.”So much of this season seems two-fold. Beautiful blossoms have us using allergy meds; trees are fluffy pink and white and then turning light green just days later; it’s like watching a butterfly wiggle out of its cacoon. Artists become restless and want to leave the real world behind to follow the hum in their minds. Stirring. 

I’m appreciating how fast things are changing outside. Feels like the energy outside and our busy daily lives are sharing secrets as they watch me stare outside a little longer and whisper as I try to sneak a few more hours to myself before going to bed. 

Either way, I’m comfortable closing my eyes this new season and remembering how it felt just the year before. You already know I’m a sucker for the nostalgic. Happy Spring, friends (And if it hasn’t felt too springy where you live, just know it will happen soon enough).

Welcome the stir.   

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. “True Blood Season 1, the season before kids, the season of being the center of my own attention.” You captured it exactly. 😉 And I love The Stir. ❤ Happy Spring.


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