This Mom

Mom and Kids

My name is Samira. I was born in the midwest, but it’s in the South I have planted roots. I teach high school English and advise our school’s literary magazine. I have 2 toddlers, a Palestinian husband, and a Persian family.  Over the years,  my Chicago accent and love of city life has gotten lazy, and my appreciation of porches, magnolia trees, rustic farmhouses, and old railroad tracks has bloomed. I love to laugh and write as much as I love lazy afternoons and pancake mornings. I lean towards the silver lining, and when it’s hard to see, I can always rely on my friends and family to point it out to me.  Adding stamps to my passport was my goal 6 years ago; making a life where each of us is happy and fulfilled is my goal now. Among myriad reasons, I write here so that I don’t forget and so that I can see where my experiences take me.



Thanks for reading!

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