StoryCorps, HoNY, and more

I’d love to encourage you to go to StoryCorps’ website to see the wealth of stories they’ve provided us. They have a really cool app where you can interview and share your own stories as well.

Story Corps’ “mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.” What could be more beautiful than that? Listen with your kids; listen with your open hearts.

I’ll update this list with some of my favorites weekly.


“Just roll with it”

Jamal Faison (Youth, jail, consequences, love, support, and kids)

What was it like to be pregnant with me in jail? (tissues!)

The Girl of My Dreams

Bucky the Mailman

“You Represent A Dirty…”

Stargazing from a Street Corner

Amid a Lost Love

And then there is this important, powerful Humans of New York. You must check out any of the stories. I stumbled upon it on one site and toured NY, Iran, and Mexico.






This heading and image alone was enough to break a sob out of me. I cried though the whole thing. I was so surprised by it that I used my shirt to wipe my face. This picture and small story alone remind you what real people, what that person on the bench you may have just passed, could be dealing with:

Living and Dying:



Thanks for reading!

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